36kg Kettlebell

 For Advanced Male Trainers

The 32kg (or 2 pood if using Russian measurements) sized kettlebell is a serious kettlebell for serious trainers.

Only after you have put in many hours and thousands of reps perfecting your technique and building a solid base of strength and fitness with the 24kg kettlebell should you move onto the 32kg.

However, strict pressing of the 32kg is a good solid goal for most average males if they are are willing to put in the work.  If you can strictly press the 32kg for sets of 6+ reps each arm and snatch the 32kg for multiple sets of 10-20 you will be rewarded with granite shoulders, a steel core and more functional fitness than 99.9% of the population.

For those trainers unable to press the 32kg kettlebell but who are looking to progress in the coming months, they should use the 32kg for swings and get ups to build an overall strength base to help prepare the trainer to press the 32kg in the future.