28kg Kettlebell (Reconditioned)

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 Intermediate Sized Kettlebell

(Reconditioned kettlebells are not damaged but have been repainted to look brand new,  They may have previously been display products or used in workshops and may have had some slight scuff marks and scratches, but no major chips or cracks. They have now been recovered and look new.  They also may not be in the original packaging

We only have a limited amount of this product and once it is gone we are not ordering any more. )

The 28kg kettlebell is suitable for intermediate Male kettlebell trainers.  The 28kg is not suitable for trainers with no kettlebell experience, unless perhaps if you have a reasonable powerlifting, olympic lifting background,or are a lot stronger/bigger than average.

The 28 kg kettlebell is heavy enough to some size and strength when used for a low rep high volume strength program and a good size for high rep swings and snatches if the trainer has good solid kettlebell technique and experience.

Kettlebells NZ's kettlebells have a quality finish on the handle which is particularly essential when doing high rep snatches with the heavier sized kettlebells.  Cheaper kettlebells have rough handles that rip your hands and prevent effective training.  Rest assured our kettlebells have a great finish meaning you will be stopping your workouts due to fatigue and not ripped hands