20kg Kettlebell (Reconditioned)

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For a Bigger or Stronger Than Average Male

(Reconditioned kettlebells are not damaged but have been repainted to look brand new,  They may have previously been display products or used in workshops and may have had some slight scuff marks and scratches, but no chips or cracks. They have now been recovered and look new. 

We only have a limited amount of this product and once it is gone we are not ordering any more. )

If you are bigger or stronger than average or have a background in Martial Arts then the 20kg may be a better size to start your kettlebell training with.

However, as kettlebell movements are distinctly different than bodybuilding type movements and the whole body is utilised in a lot of movements, unlike normal weight training, then often it is still better to start with a 16kg kettlebell and then jump to a 24kg after 3 – 6months training.

Although some trainees that are smaller in structure can still jump from a 16kg to a 24kg  after a period of steady training with exercises like swings, this is sometimes too big of a jump for upper body pressing exercises so in that case, the 20kg is an ideal weight to bridge the gap

To summarise, if you really are more athletic or stronger than average then this is the kettlebell for you to start with.  Alternatively, it is a good kettlebell to aim in progressing to pressing the 24kg kettlebell.